An Exotic, Affordable, Cultural Honeymoon in Vietnam

Vietnam is the Best Place to Visit for your Honeymoon

When couples consider exotic honeymoon locales, they often gravitate towards developed islands like Hawaii or historical cities across Europe. But these types of vacations are not only overdone; they are also extremely expensive. And what can you get on a beach in Hawaii that you couldn’t find on any other beach in the world for a lot less money? Even taking the Grand Tour of Europe will simply open you up to massive numbers of tourist traps. In short, you don’t want to blow your entire savings on a honeymoon when you could use it as a down payment on your first home. And yet, you do want to celebrate the fact that you and your honey have devoted your lives to one another, and some time alone in a foreign location does sound nice. But if you haven’t yet looked into all that Vietnam has to offer lovebirds looking for adventure, then you could miss out on a truly spectacular honeymoon.

For starters, this country has it all. They not only have gorgeous beaches and resort hotels to accommodate western travelers; they’ve also got thriving cultural meccas full of amazing food and entertainment. So whether you’re looking for relaxation and solitude, a little night life, romantic excursions, or all of the above, Vietnam can provide exactly what you want from your perfect honeymoon. However, there’s a lot more to this incredible country than what you can find on the coastline.

Exotic honeymoon Places to Visit

The culture will call to you from every corner of the country. You can find ancient fishing villages that speak to the incursion of other cultures with architecture influenced equally by the French and the Japanese (for example). You can wander around modern cities where high-rises flirt with thousand-year-old temples. There are tailors to create custom-made silk dresses and suits for you, spas that offer relaxing massages and lessons in Tai Chi and yoga, secluded beaches where you can lounge for the day without interruption, and simply phenomenal local dishes served side by side with international cuisine. If there’s anything you need that you can’t find here, you’re simply not looking hard enough. And activities galore await the adventurous soul, from water sports like kayaking, scuba diving, and wind surfing to more laid-back pastimes like hiking, swimming, exploring, or even cooking lessons from a celebrity chef.

Of course, we haven’t even covered the best part yet, which is how affordable a vacation to Vietnam will be. While you might spend thousands of dollars for airline tickets, lodging, transportation, food, and other expenses in tourist-heavy locations like Hawaii and Europe, you’ll pay only a fraction of that cost for the same goods and services in Vietnam. Whereas a 7-day stay at a resort in Hawaii could cost you between $7,000 and $10,000 all told, the same honeymoon in Vietnam is estimated at about one third of the price. That’s pretty incredible considering all that this Asian country has to offer its guests. So when it comes time to choose a destination for your honeymoon, consider Vietnam; you’ll create amazing memories of your first days of marriage that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

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